Sunday, April 13, 2014

Speaking in Tongues: Humbug?

Speaking in tongues Has to be one of the most controversial Gift's of the Holy Spirit through out just about every century since Christianity began.

I speak in tongues. Yep that's right I an old penti from way back. I don't use the gift all that often. Though I do find it of great use in times of stress or when the passion of a situation just overtakes me. I don't use it in church however and never around no believers. I just find that it is too alienating. I'm also never quite sure about the motives of those that do use it in church.

I don't want to diminish the gift and the miraculous consequences of it, then or now. In fact I want to emphasis the coming of the tongues of fire.

Fire is a dramatic. Even in the controlled environment of the fire place. There is always the potential of something rolling out and becoming uncontrolled. I think that is part of it's facilitation. Therefore to fail to recognize the status this gives to preaching the gospels to people in there heart language is to miss one of, if not the most significant point of this whole event.

I seriously believe that if you think that the miracle of the fire descending on that day of Pentecost is just a symbol of the beginning of the spread of the message of the salvation of Jesus then you are missing something significant.

If you think that that miracle is mealy opening the door to some christian being able to gain the gift of speaking in languages they haven't learned, then again your a missing something significant.

The fire means it is important! Very important! We must speak the message of Jesus to all people "in there own heart language". Read more in this article of just how much importance God places on communicating His message orally and in people own heart language.


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