Sunday, February 16, 2014

What If God Were One Of Us...But He Was Wasn't He?

When will the church Grow up?

I always live in hope that the church started to look at things like this as opportunities to engage with the non Christian world rather than reel against it. At least we didn't embarrass ourselves this time. Or it could have been just apathy. Considerably worse to my way of thinking.

Why was there no outrage about this song?

After all that is they usual response to anything that is even slightly off center of the orthodox perception of God is it not? And I don't know about you but the idea of God being just a slob seems to be considerably off center to say the least.

I remember well when I was younger the controversy of "The Exorcist". Christians standing out the front of theaters with anti Exorcist placards trying to convince people not to go in. How embarrassed I was to be a Christian every time I walked passed one of those theaters. Will we ever learn to have a positive response to the would asking spiritual questions?

Also I remember the whole anti Jesus Christ Superstar thing. Seriously! Here we had the whole English speaking world asking the question "I only want to know" and the best response we had was "this is a the work of the devil". Talk about blowing it.

I fear that with this song we missed the boat again. You see God was one of us. He was just a stranger on a bus trying to make His way home. His name was Jesus and He is great because He died on a cross for you and me so that not only He but all of us could make our way home: if we wanted to. more than that, He rose from the dead to prove that there was a way home.

Well at least we weren't embarrassing this time. Or were we?

Enjoy the song

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