Saturday, October 12, 2013

Does Jesus Heal Today?

The other day I was asked by a Christian friend, "Why do you think that there aren't that many miracles in Australia yet we hear stories of healing in other countries all the time?

I responded that I think there are those healed in this country but that our society is so skeptical that they are immediately discounted. I remember very clearly having been skeptical myself about many of the stories I was hearing about healing in the 70's. I could not understand why the only healing that I heard of locally were stories of people going for prayer and having their leg grow longer. It seemed like a good party trick but not much else.

Then I came across some new friends where the wife had had a hole in the heart and then after prayer, one day it wasn't there. The doctors were a little mystified but there was no big deal made about it because "there had to be a scientific explanation".

The problem lies in the fact that we are so in love with science, sometimes I think to the point of idolatry that "it must have a scientific explanation".

Don't get me wrong. Despite being a Creationist at heart I believe that Darwin was Gods gift to the church. Because of Darwin we are all, Christians and non Christians alike, are now forced to do good science and we are not able to live in the dangerous world of belief systems that have no basis in fact. The more people we have doing good science the more God will be glorified.

However the unfortunate spin off of this love of science, is that very influential parts of our society is skeptical of the super natural. So as I said to my friend when we continued to talk about healing in our society, "perhaps its a good thing that we don't see a lot of healing in the public domain. It would just be rejected as flimflammery and reduce the status Christian's to gullible fools even more than we already are.

It's one thing to be a fool for Christ its quite another to be disregarded because of our foolishness.

Some have seen Jesus not performing many miracles in Nazareth (Mk 6:5, Mt 13:58) because of the lack of faith as being a restriction on Jesus power. That is, he was made less powerful because they had less faith. Or that his own power was somehow dependent on faith. But it was not that at all.

I mean he was clearly able to perform the miracles (Mk 6:5) but chose not to (Mt 13:58). Rather it may have been an act of Grace on his part in that just like our society what he had to say was left as being more important than the miracles He performed. May be to of performed the miracles may have resulted in them being condemned like Capernaum (Lk 10:13) and the other towns.

Paul said something like this when he said "I speak in tongues of men and Angels but if I have no love..."(1 Cor 13:1ff). After all it's not those who perform miracles that will be saved but those who show love...etc. (Mt 7:22).

Perhaps then it's a good thing that we don't have many high profile miracles in the country. Perhaps it's our job to provide the foundation for loving the lost into Gods Kingdom.


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