Thursday, September 19, 2013

When Did You Last Offer Jesus a Drink Of Water?

This incredibly moving video will and should set us all up with a challenge "When did I last offer a drink of water to Jesus". (Matthew 25:31ff)

This is not about trying to be generous.
This is not about trying to be a better person.
This is not about trying to do charity.

This is about having a change of heart!

The famous prayer of St Francis starts by saying:

"Make me an instrument of your peace" because that is what we as Christians are called to be; "instruments". We are called to be something that only God can direct. We are called to buy the hearts of all those we come into contact with. Not because we have to or because of what we can get out of it; but because our spirits compel us to. Because we really want to and we are expected to think nothing of it.

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