Saturday, May 18, 2013

Evangelism and Followup

Should we do good follow up?

One of the lies that is promoted by the devil that almost all churches in the western would are almost completely convinced of is that, you can't do evangelism unless you have good follow up in place.

What absolute rubbish!

This Lie has silenced so much outreach that it would have to be up there on the devils top ten. Can you imagine the response Philip would have got if when the Lord had gone to all the effort of getting him to the Ethiopian (Acts 8:26-39) he said "Oh sorry Lord I can't talk to him because I have not a prearranged follow up plan".

I don't know about you but I've never been keen to tell the master of all of creation the He is stupid.

Don't get me wrong we should absolutely do good follow up. But we should not be letting that stop us from spreading the Good New.

I went to a meeting recently, of a group of mission who's objective is to work on ways of better co-operation. A very worth while idea I must say and that is coming from someone who hates meetings with a passion. But on this occasion I came across a young bible college student. You know the one: "I'm about to complete college and I know more than you or anybody else in this room for that matter".

He was asking me about my mission GRN and one of his first questions was how do you handle follow up.

I started to explain to him our discipleship material and that we also work through local churches and mission. But the moment I said that follow up was therefore not our primary objective because there is so much diversity needed, it is seen as needing to be a natural development of the work at the locality, he lost interest.

Now I've been there, done that and I know that once he gets out into the field he'll have that knocked out of him very quickly so this is not a criticism of him but, I'm appalled at the education we are giving our young bible students. We spend so much time emphasizing follow up that we subjugate the message.

Lets not subjugate the message. Lets make follow up a natural development of the work at the locality.

Having Just rebuke myself

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