Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm A Missionary - Raising Support- Next step

I'm learning to communicate better with missionary speak and GRN are going to help me write up a brochure to send out to all their contacts and all mine as well.

What happens is I write up a few hundred words and they edit it appropriately.

Now of course there is the problem of what to write.

I obviously don't  have a problem writing things down. The question is of course what not to write down. I'm getting better as I learn more about marketing for my internet business ( see side bar for other blogs and ventures), but I'm not so sure weather I should be marketing myself here. And despite what some unkind friends might think(:-) I cannot fit my entire life story into 200 words.

It raises a good question though. There is clearly some marketing of oneself that has to go on in this situation but if I turn it into a sales pitch then it just begins to feel false. And maybe that is the key.

It has to be an honest appraisal of myself and some of the highlights of my life and Heather's and my life together, since we are the only two going to joint, with a smattering of our family info.

It's funny you know that I should be struggling over what not to write. When I was in school it was a chore to write anything. Don't get me wrong  I have always enjoyed passing on information but I hated to write. If I could get away with writing a sentence instead of a paragraph I would.

It wasn't until I got to high school to do my year 12  where I was forced to write copious amounts that I found myself writing endless pages without a second thought.  I still wouldn't write unless I had to but when I did write it was no longer the briefest thing I could write.

Then came that advent of computers and it all change practically over night. Not only was typing on a computer fun but it had a spell checker and I could fix mistakes easily. The only problem now is writing in something that is both readable and read.

Anyway I'm going to write my 200 words now


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