Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm A Missionary - the Next Step

I guess now I have to work out the next stage of the journey of being a missionary.

I’ve spent my time in Bible college and working in various ministries, everything from running youth clubs to running drop in centres for kids off the street. I’ve had my time dealing with gangs and dispossess people. But nothing really has prepared me for this.

I’m discovering that there is a whole new culture that has to be dealt with as a missionary. It’s both interesting and frustrating.

I’ve never found missionaries to be particularly covert or illusive when talking to them about anything. But once you join their ranks there seems to be an assumption that you will know everything that you have to do.

It’s kind of like when I was in Telstra. A number of us were asked to be involved in a weight loss study. Those organising the study wanted to test a new machine they had called a bone densitrometory (Spelling?) machine. This machine was being used to test the effects of weight loss on peoples bones.

Anyway I was happy to be involved as I have always struggled with my weight.

We were divided into 3 groups:
A diet Group
An Exercise Group
A control group

The control group had to do nothing of course except record all they ate etc. The exercise group had to try to do exercise to lose the weight and the diet group had to .. guess what yep you guessed it loose weight thought diet.

The control group needed no help really and the exercise group got all the help they need because they just joined a gym. But for some reason nobody thought that the weight loss group would need anything. After all it was just a matter of them going of and researching a diet program. What can I say… Academics!

And what group was I in? The weight loss group, of course.

Eventually they decided that they had to do something and started a program.

I’m kind of feeling the same way here. I’m a little lost and bewildered and the missionaries I speak to seem a little mystified that I should feel this way.

Maybe they all did a course before they joined there mission organization or maybe they had a mentor or their parents were missionaries, I really don’t know. What ever they case Richard type folk are left to figure it out for themselves a little too much I think.


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