Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Racial Prejudiced

I was watching a TV program from the USA the other day and they were talking about racial prejudice.

It made me recall and instance when I was in Bible college. I was listening to one of the students who was having a bit of a bad time with life and he made a comment that really surprised me.

He said that he was tired of the prejudice that he was experiencing. I don't know whether this prejudice was real or perceived because he was having a hard time at that stage, but I was really surprised because I couldn't understand what there was about him that people would be prejudice toward.

In my dumb founded state I continued to listen for clues as to what he was experiencing and he said something that really annoyed me. He said the prejudice was because of his colour.

And why did this annoy me? Because until he bought it up, it had never even occurred to me that he was an Indian from India.

From that point on I was never able to have the same relationship because no matter what I said or did from then on he was someone else. He had labeled himself as a person of colour. Hence it was never possible to relax around him for fear of offending him.

I don't know if he ever noticed but I missed the person I used to know. He had now made himself someone different.

I wonder if their are some instances when it is better not to name prejudice. I wonder if sometimes naming something only makes it worse.


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